How I spent my Summer

Well, its been a while since I put pen to paper to make an entry for Ye Olde Blog.  After attending Event Camp in February in New York, I decided it would be best to take a lower profile for a few weeks and take care of a few issues in my personal and professional life.  Here in Baltimore, we were lucky enough to have 6 feet of snow dumped on us in a single week from two storms in February.  That mess caused my long scheduled knee surgery to be pushed back nearly 60 days.

On May 3, 2010, I was informed that my position was being immediately eliminated due to the City of Baltimore’s budget crisis (that 6 feet of snow earlier in the year certainly didn’t help matters with the budget) and after nearly 10 years, I was escorted out the door.  I was gratified by the many well wishes that my friends, partners and former clients were delivered to me in the days that followed.  I was very fortunate to work in my hometown for as long as I did, especially considering how folks in our industry move around.

I’ve been lucky to keep busy during the summer — speaking engagements at the Association of Korean Exhibition Industries in Seoul, ASAE Springtime in Washington, the PCMA Leadership Conference in Montreal, TS2 in Boston, the CMP Conclave in Baltimore and Event Camp – Twin Cities in Minneapolis.  In addition, we did some consulting work at some associations in the Washington, DC area and a few gigs as a floor manager for a couple of trade shows.

We were able to also attend a few events just for me to learn a few things.  I was able to participate in IAEE’s first ever Sales Academy, which was eye-opening for me.  In early October, I had the good fortune to finally participate in MPI’s Certified in Meetings Management (CMM) program in Dallas for 7 days.  Later in October, I was able to attend Blog World in Las Vegas.  During these two trips, I was able to spend some quality time with some folks from the #eventprofs community – Dana Doody, Jeff Hurt, Mike McAllen and Mike Thimmesch.

There are still a few more trips for the remainder of the year – a FAM trip to Columbia, SC, Event Camp East Coast in Philadelphia and the Social Media in Tourism Symposium in Loudon, VA.  Ooops, almost forgot IAEE’s Expo! Expo in New Orleans in December.  Hopefully, I will run into a few of you at one of these events.

So, the change in work environment has been good for me.  I’ve been on the road nearly 60 days since the events of early May, which would never had been possible if the change had not occurred.  Sorry for the lack of post the last several months, but the plan is to be back on a regular basis after the Thanksgiving holiday.  Take care and stop back here again when you have a chance.

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