Things I Think I Know: Random Thoughts on Event Camp, Sherlock and other musings

Well, we’ve come to the end of another week and I have finally wound down after my eight days in Las Vegas and am somewhat back into a regular routine.  Let’s jump in with both feet, shall we?

*     I am looking forward to  attending the Event Camp National Conference in Chicago on February 11-13 of this year and am excited that Chris Brogan will be giving the opening general session on Saturday morning.  The opportunity to see old friends from last year’s original Event Camp (has it been nearly a year already?!?) and to meet several others that I only know from online is a huge draw for me as well.  I strongly urge you to consider attending Event Camp if you can spare the time and the really cheap $149 registration fee.

*     I will be lucky enough to have earned all of my needed continuing education hours for the renewal of my Certified Meetings Professional (CMP) designation by attending both the Las Vegas PCMA Annual Meeting and Event Camp this year.  For those who are unable to attend conferences due to budget or time restraints, PCMA has launched a Certification Made Possible program that is absolutely free for PCMA members.  One clock hour of continuing education can be earned by reading a given article in each month’s Convene, and then completing a self-assessment test and a learning activity.  A very nice member benefit.

*     Baltimore and Maryland had its first major snowstorm on Wednesday, and the forecasters got their predictions wrong again.  The early morning snow was much heavier than predicted and calls for 3-6 inches of snow throughout the day came up short as we wound up with about 10 inches outside Casa De Ruby.   In my previous life, I would be considered an “essential” government employee and make a 35 mile drive to my venue.  Nowadays, I walk across the hall.  According to news reports, my former commute took many drivers 8+ hours to make on Wednesday.  I used the bad weather (as well as a case of insomnia) as an excuse to watch the three episodes of PBS’s Masterpiece Mystery Sherlock that I had recorded last fall and was pleasantly pleased.  So much so, I am eagerly awaiting for the upcoming three episodes this fall and will watch them when they premiere.  The writers have done an excellent job with bringing the Holmes and Watson characters from the 1890’s Victorian London to today’s world while still holding true to many of the elements in the original stories.  There is a link on the website if you wish to purchase the DVD of the three episodes – my birthday is coming up in May.

*     Congratulations to Dana Freker Doody of The Expo Group on her promotion to become their Vice President of Corporate Communications.  I had the pleasure of first meeting Dana when we both participated in IAEE’s Future Leaders Institute program  in 2007. Many of you might be familiar with Dana’s work in creating the InZone Lounge and Networking Center which allowed folks to virtually attend the 2010 TS2 show in Boston and was the talk of the show floor and the Twitterverse.  A few months later, Dana displayed the concept again during the 2010 IAEE Expo Expo in New Orleans. In addition, Dana was a virtual moderator one morning for the Learning Lounge during the recent PCMA Annual Meeting and serves on IAEE’s Educational Committee.  Well done!

* Many thanks to the National Conference Center for including me in their 10 Event Professionals Worth Knowing on Social Media post.  It is very much appreciated and I am honored to be included with some great folks that make up the #eventprofs family on Twitter. Check around the rest of their blog – I think you will find some useful information.

*    A colleague of Dana’s, Todd Caruth, snapped and tweeted this picture of  Christina Stallings and myself discussing very important issues in the Learning Lounge office at the PCMA Annual Meeting in Las Vegas.  Kevin Richardson, of Freeman, then tweeted that this would be perfect for a caption contest.  Loving a challenge, we have come up with:

GR: Tastes Great!  CS: Less Filling!

GR: So where is it located? CS: Head out the front door and go left for three blocks.  Then head right for 5 blocks and you’ll see the the 99 cents Shrimp Cocktail special.

GR: I hope to see Wayne Newton in concert while I am here.  CS: I can’t wait to see Carrot Top perform!

Thanks for reading – until next time, keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars!

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