Baltimore gets a FourSquare badge, Hon!

Baltimore gets a FourSquare badge, Hon!

Last Friday, FourSquare released the designs of the five winning badges from their #VisitUS City Badge Contest.  The five cities that won badges were Des Moines, Oklahoma City, Richmond, Stamford (CT) and my hometown of Baltimore.  The Baltimore badge has been nicknamed as Charm City, a marketing tag used by the city in the 1970’s and 1980’s.

Those of you who know me or have read this blog know that I have been a huge FourSquare addict the last two plus years.  The release of this badge was a great day at Casa de Greg and I was proud to earn the badge with my first check-in on Saturday morning. 

How do you go about earning this coveted badge.  First, follow Baltimore on FourSquare and then complete five of the 60 tips that have been left here.  Some are historical sites, some are restaurants and a variety of places that are truly unique to Baltimore.

If you are coming to AIBTM (this June 19-21), why not try to earn the badge during your stay.  Many of the 60 tips are within walking distance of the Baltimore Convention Center.  For my guests at last year’s Friends of Greg dinner during AIBTM, you have already been to three places on the list…

The text that unlocks when you earn the Charm City badge honors Bawlmarese, crabs, the Orioles, John Waters and the TV series “The Wire.” The text reads as: “Omar. McNulty. Stringer Bell. That girl in “Hairspray.” They all had one thing in common, and that’s you, Baltimore. So cheer on those Orioles, crack open a blue crab, and hon, don’t even think about skimping on the Old Bay.”

A tip of the hat is due to Tom Rowe, Director of Web Marketing for Visit Baltimore.  Tom was an early adopter of FourSquare and developed a successful strategy that earned over 1,000 followers during the #Visit US contest that FourSquare held.  There were tweets from Baltimore’s mayor, the Governor and Lt. Governor of Maryland, Duff Goldman from “Ace of Cakes” and Josh Charles of “The Good Wife,” to name a few.  Thanks, Tom!  This badge would not exist if not for your efforts.

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