Book Review: Risk It! How to Run Great Events & Live with the Risk

Ask almost any event professional and I think they will agree with me that most books written for the meetings and events industry are hardly page-turners. Those of you that have the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation had a handful of required reading texts and have any of you ever re-read those books after you got the coveted initials?  So, a book about risk management and insurance for events should really be a best seller that holds your attention through the entire reading? Paul Cook and Richard John do an excellent job at tackling a very dry subject matter and making it readable in their book Risk It! How to Run Great Events and Live with the Risk.

I worked in insurance for 10 years before finally being able to break into the events industry.  I can tell you, firsthand from experience, that neither risk management nor insurance is exciting or sexy.  That said, these two topics are part of our everyday lives and too often not taken into consideration in the meetings and event industry.

I wish this book was available 25+ years ago when I was first volunteering on local events.  Oh, the mistakes we made and the possible liability issues that we faced. 

A cheerleading competition is different from an annual meeting for an engineering association or an AMWAY sales motivation gathering.  No two events will have the same risks or considerations.  Risk It! walks you through the process of identifying the various risks and how to minimize the associated liabilities.  This book highlights the differences between the various industry sectors and provides checklists of items to be considered for each sector.

Risk It! is very conversational in its tone and does not read like an insurance policy.  The insurance terms are explained without jargon.  It can be read easily in one sitting (I first read it while flying from Baltimore to Orlando), but I find myself referring back to it quite often so it has never made it to my bookshelf on the back wall of my office.

There is a great discussion in Risk It! on the importance of preparing a risk plan for your event.  This is a step that is too often not done by planners, in my experience.  For that matter, venues as well, need to modify their standard risk plans to adapt to the need of the events.

This book can be yours for only $16.00 (an e-book is available for under $5.00).  Think of it has a small investment that could possibly pay for itself many times over if it helps you eliminate a potential liability at a future event.  Why risk it?  What could go wrong?

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  1. Hi Greg

    Thanks for your very kind words. One of my big aims was to work without jargon so I am delighted that the book doesn’t read as an insurance policy. Appreciate your role as a champion.

    Best wishes – Paul

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