World Water Day 2014 & the Meeting Professional

World Water Day 2014 & the Meeting Professional

This Saturday, March 22 is World Water Day, promoted by UN Water, and offers a chance to reflect on how we, as meeting and event professionals, can reduce our use of water.

Think about the conferences and events that you attend.  Earlier this month, I attended a trade show in Atlanta where members of the association received a cotton tote bag filled with about a half dozen information flyers and a convention program.  Attend one of the major conferences in the meetings and events world and I guarantee you that a coffee station will be set up during every session break.  Then you have the attendees that have to have a print-out of the slides for the conference session they are in.

Mariela McIlwraith of Meeting Change produced an excellent graphic showing how a meeting professional could reduce the water footprint and it is an eye-opener.  You should check out and read her original post.

I was one of the lucky school children here in the United States that was actually taught the metric system.  Basically, 4 liters are approximately 1 gallon.  For those interested in a more precise conversion, this Liters To Gallons Conversion site can help you.

To me, it was astounding to learn that a relatively small event with 750 attendees could have a water footprint to fill  an Olympic sized swimming pool.

So, when planning your next event, what can you do do replace your water footprint?

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