Help beta test their RFP Builder

Help beta test their RFP Builder


My friends at are looking for a few good meeting planners! In particular, they want meeting and event planners to help beta-test their RFP Builder on their website. Kick the tires, put it through the wringer.  They have tested their RFP Builder many times, but now would like to have another set of eyes take a look at it.

If you have about an hour to spare, they would love to have you become a beta-tester for AVP! If interested, email Jon Trask and let him know of your interest.  Jon will get back to you with a set of instructions to create and send out a sample RFP.  After completing the test, there will be a short set of survey questions to gather your feedback.

What’s in it for you? To thank you for your time and feedback, you will receive an Event Evaluation credit on AVP’s service, a $1,500 value.  When you need to get bids for your next event, AVP will:

Summarize multiple audio visual bids in one easy to read summary for each meeting or event.

  1. This includes phone or e-mail discussions with you to verify the goals of the event and fine-tune the initial RFP prior to sending.
  2. Helping you locate qualified suppliers from AVP’s comprehensive database.
  3. Sending the RFP out on your behalf and answering the vendor questions to keep you from having to deal with multiple phone calls. You just have one contact, your AVforPlanners Senior Evaluator to work with for follow ups.
  4. After the bids are all received, AVP will provide a summary and suggested changes (if any) that you should consider discussing with the selected company, their evaluation notes and all of the received supplier quotes.
  5. AVP will also spend time with you via e-mail or telephone to discuss that summary and answer any questions that you might have prior to making your final decision.
  6. Then, you can go to contract with knowledge and confidence you’re getting the right gear and labor for your budget and meeting goals.
  7. After you made your decision, AVP will even handle letting the other suppliers know they didn’t get the contract and addressing any of their questions on your behalf.

That is a pretty good return on investment for one hour of your time! If interested in beta-testing the RFP Builder for AVforPlanners and getting a complimentary Event Evaluation Service, please email Jon Trask. Thank you for your help and assistance in helping AVP with this beta-test.

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